Friends of North Bruny and Storm Bay Aquaculture

For the past 12 months and more, the issue of fish farm expansion in Storm Bay has come to dominate discussion within FONB.  A well attended General Meeting on February 11, and an AGM last month that attracted an even larger turnout, demonstrated the degree of community concern that exists over this issue.  FONB will continue to serve as a fulcrum for analysis and action over fish farm expansion on the northeast coast of Bruny Island.  Our position is well summarised in the following motion, unanimously passed at the 11 February meeting:

‘That the Executive Committee act on behalf of Friends of North Bruny to work with other community groups around Storm Bay to bring to the attention of the Premier, Fisheries Minister and the Marine Farming Planning Review Panel the need for an agreed plan for sustainable fish farming in Storm Bay and the D’Entrecasteaux; and, asks that this be resolved before there are any expansion to the leases in Storm Bay.’

One thought on “Friends of North Bruny and Storm Bay Aquaculture

  1. Hi, we have sold the 6 acre property we owned on Nth Bruny due to the Toxic Salmon Framing practise that is killing the environment, we were to retire there with a dwelling and accommodation units already passed by planning.
    After reading Richard Flanagans book “TOXIC” I hold grave fears for the so called pristine environment of Tasmania and the inevertable decline of the Tourist industry. Given the Industry want to expand to the nth. west and nth. east tip of the Island.

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