North of the Neck – half of Bruny Island is here! – Great Bay, Killora, Barnes Bay, Apollo Bay and Dennes Point.

Friends of North Bruny (FONB) facilitates cooperation between North Bruny’s communities, Kingborough Council, State and Commonwealth Government departments and others, focusing on issues like:

  • Safety, public access and amenities.
  • Safeguarding our environmental and heritage values.
  • Other issues impacting on the North Bruny Island community and lifestyle.

Specifically, we:

  • Make representations to and on behalf of the above bodies in relation to technical assistance, specialist knowledge, sponsorship, materials or other assistance with projects.
  • Promote and encourage a “Coastcare” ethic in the general community and to organise social activities for this purpose for the whole community.
  • Obtain funding assistance through local fundraising, government programmes and sponsorship.
  • Increase awareness about our coastal and landcare issues (including vegetation) through consultation with Coast Care, Landcare, Green Corps and similar groups.
  • Ensure the whole community is aware of, and has input into, any developments or proposals put forward by Kingborough Council, Parks and Wildlife or other groups or organisations.

Current members of our executive committee are:

  • Chair – Simon Allston
  • Vice Chair – Gerard Castles
  • Treasurer – Walter Truesdale
  • Secretary – Siobhan Gaskell
  • Public Officer – Jan Richards
  • Committee – Ian Barwick, Alex Matysek, Ros Woodburn, Lindon Haigh, Joanne Naylor

To contact us, please use our contact form.

If you would like the matter to go to a specific committee member, please mark it ‘Attn: [the person]’ at the top of the ‘Comments’ field.

FONB Documents

Meeting Minutes